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        About Us

Unique is the best complementary word we can think of, there is too much out there of the very same mundane cookie cutter brands and items to which we see day in and out, well we want to bring and offer something always a little different, a little better, and a little stronger to up your game be it any personal, or team oriented way, and we want to do this in the following ways :

1) We want to offer unique brands, some may have already heard of them and some may not, we can assure you that any item offered is always of the highest standard by any definition of quality in any marketplace around the world. Game combat, leisurewear, fashion wear, or corporate wear, our brands have you covered. 


2) We want to offer the best possible customization of products and services, for your club, for your team, for your personal or social businesses and organizations as well, we have all the resources available from custom embroidery , to custom sublimation, custom screen printing, custom transferring,  and much more to suit.

3) We want to offer more than just our high end products and top notch embellishing services, we would like to also offer channels to help grow your organization as well, we feel we have the proper ideas to help you achieve any goal you have in mind.


Our motto has and always will be to be bold, be better, and be unique, planning produces results, and we would like and welcome the opportunity to be a part of your plan, and look forward to hearing from you!

club shop depot logo.png